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We provide quality welfare benefits training and consultancy based on legal rights.

Our accredited training and resources support:
  • Poverty reduction
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  • Getting into work
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The Solicitors Regulation Authority(SRA) has authorised us to award Continuing Professional Development(CPD) points for solicitors attending our courses. Our allocated CPD reference is EJV/SWTL.

Latest News

The number of live claims for Universal Credit has grown to nearly one million in June 2018. Eventually, the government estimate, there will be 8 million claimants.


Neil Arnott - 14/08/2018

The burden of proof is on the DWP decision maker to show that a claimant did not have good cause for attending a PIP medical. Sometimes a client disputes that they received a letter about the appointment for the medical.

Neil Arnott - 14/08/2018

A current change is that the age to claim Pension Credit will continue to rise- it was 64 and six months in April 2018 and will be 65 by November 2018. By November 2020 it will have risen to 66.


Neil Arnott - 14/08/2018

A common problem with Universal Credit is that many claimants don't complete their claims and receive a payment. Often it can lead to them having to reclaim, sometimes multiple times, leading to non payment of benefit and increased rent

Neil Arnott - 14/08/2018

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Pauline Mannings - 14/08/2018
Carol Buckley - 27/07/2018


Universal Credit 2018

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Introduction to Welfare Benefits 2018

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Benefits for Older People 2018

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PIP 2018- challenging decisions- workshop

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Welfare Benefit Appeals 2018

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