All our courses are updated to include changes in the Benefits System. Courses can be run at a basic or more experienced level and usually last one day.

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Over £13 billion of extra cuts in Welfare Benefits have been announced by the government to be delivered over the course of this parliament.

This popular course is aimed as a summary of some of the main changes to benefits over the last year or so and those expected in the near future.

There will be opportunity to share best practise in advising on the changes.

This course will include—

  • changes to Universal Credit including a decrease in the earnings taper from 65 to 63%,  removal of the first child element and changes for up to 2 children only. The lack of transitional protection in many cases- how to avoid early migration.
  • Child Tax Credit changes for up to 2 children only and the removal of the family element.  
  • Losing the WRAG component of ESA and the tranistion to Universal Credit.
  • the reduction in the Benefit Cap for those in London and the larger reductions outside of London.
  • the impact of PIP reassessments
  • Cap in the amount of rent that Housing Benefit will cover in the social sector to the level of the relevant Local Housing Allowance- how this fits in with Universal Credit.  
  • changes in the support for mortgage interest. 
  • changes in the carers allowance eanings limit.
  • Increases in the State Retirement Pension.
  • Impact of benefit sanctions/conditionality
  • at a glance guide to the Summer 2015 budget changes.
  • at a glance guide to Autumn 2015 Statement and Spending review.
  • at a glance guide to the Spring 2016 budget changes.
  • at a glance guide to Autumn 2016 Statement.  
  • a chance to share information on you and your clients and how you might respond.

"a great way keep up to date with recent and forthcoming changes"

duration— 1 day 10am- 4pm


Course Level- Update (for delegates with at least some basic knowledge of the subject)

Course accreditation- the Solicitors Regulation Authority has authorised us to award 5.25 hours Continuing Professional Development(CPD) points for solicitors attending this course. Our allocated CPD reference is EJV/SWTL.


Booking - In-House

Booking - In-House Courses

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Maximum number of 16 participants.  


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