All our courses are updated to include changes in the Benefits System. Courses can be run at a basic or more experienced level and usually last one day.

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Disability Living Allowance is paid to help with the extra costs of disability and is non means tested,  is not affected if your client is in work and can be claimed by adults and children aged under 65.

This course aims to help you maximise your clients' entitlement at the same time that some clients will move to introduction of Personal Independence from 2013- 2019.

This course will include—

  • common misconceptions
  • the non disability tests and the disability tests
  • tactics for completing claim forms and the claim process- what successful claims will mean before
  • typical awards for certain 'claimant groups' for example those with mental health problems, visual and hearing impairments
  • maximising benefits; underclaimed benefits and premiums
  • at a glance structure of the disability tests
  • managing the transition to PIP
  • similarities between DLA and PIP

"essential for those assisting clients who are sick/ disabled"

duration— 1 day

Course accreditation- the Solicitors Regulation Authority has authorised us to award 5.25 hours Continuing Professional Development(CPD) points for solicitors attending this course. Our allocated CPD reference is EJV/SWTL.


Booking - In-House

Booking - In-House Courses

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We provide:

· Planning, course development and delivery

· Comprehensive course guides, Benefits rate posters

· Evaluation on course completion, course certificates

· free post course learning resources- newsletters


You provide:

· The venue (arrangement & payment)

· Equipment (Digital projector and flipchart)

Maximum number of 16 participants.  


In-house Course Cancellation-   If we cancel the course, then a full refund will be paid(excluding other costs, such as travel).  No refund will be payable if you cancel the course within one month of the commencement date.  We will try to set a mutually convenient new date for the training and additional costs for travel/  accomodation,  if pre booked,  may be chargeable.