All our courses are updated to include changes in the Benefits System. Courses can be run at a basic or more experienced level and usually last one day.


This course follows on from our - Covid-19 Benefit Updater 2020 -1- course and Covid-19  Benefit Updater 2020 -2- courses.

The current Covid-19 crisis has led to large fluctations in income.  These changes will continue to affect Benefit claims as people get back to work/ are sacked/ laid off.

By 10/5/2020 7.5 million workers had been furloughed(the Corona Virus Job Rentention Scheme) and around 3.5 million self employed are due to claim through the SEISS(Self Employed Income Support Scheme).

From 16/3/2020(when the lockdown came into effect) until 5/5/2020, the DWP saw 2.5 million individual Univeral Credit declarations. During this period,  903,000 advance payments have been made that will have to be repaid.

This course concentrates on issues relating to and calculations of Universal Credit. It will include-

  • a recap. on how UC is calculated including use of our UC calculator.
  • how UC payable is affected for the self employed - no income,  SEISS lump sum payment,  surplus earnings carried forward to subsequent assessment periods, having some earnings,  expenses.
  • how UC will be affected by Statutory Maternity Pay and Maternity Allowance.
  • joining up with a partner/ splitting up with a partner.
  • how to challenge a UC decision.

Case studies will be worked through and online briefings provided. 

This is a 90 minute online course run through the Zoom platform(you will just need internet access and we will send you a code to join the meeting).  

There will be a maximum of 12 places per course and opportunities to exchange information/ ask questions.



Booking - In-House

Booking - In-House Courses

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· Evaluation on course completion, course certificates

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· The venue (arrangement & payment)

· Equipment (Digital projector and flipchart)

Maximum number of 16 participants.  


In-house Course Cancellation-   If we cancel the course, then a full refund will be paid(excluding other costs, such as travel).  No refund will be payable if you cancel the course within one month of the commencement date.  We will try to set a mutually convenient new date for the training and additional costs for travel/  accomodation,  if pre booked,  may be chargeable.