All our courses are updated to include changes in the Benefits System. Courses can be run at a basic or more experienced level and usually last one day.

As Universal Credit (full service) is rolled out,  more and more problems are arising. Underpayments, rent arrears, debt, misadvice,  poor administration and the impact on vulnerable clients are major concerns.

This course is an update course to help you understand the common problems and solutions for your clients/ service.

This will include-

  • migration onto Universal Credit,  including transitional protection rules and severe disability premium issues
  • losers and winners- calculation examples and practise
  • Full service and using the journal- what to put where,  a chance to exchange information
  • maintaining the claim, conditionality and sanctions
  • claiming as sick
  • other current issues such as frequency of wage payments- weekly,  fortnightly and 4 weekly
  • a checklist of changes
  • a checklist of the many problems associated with Universal Credit

It is aimed at those who understand the Universal Credit Basics but want to improve their ability to offer solutions and to share working practise with others.

Course Level- Update (for delegates with at least a good basic knowledge of the Benefits system)


Booking - In-House

Booking - In-House Courses

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We provide:

· Planning, course development and delivery

· Comprehensive course guides, Benefits rate posters

· Evaluation on course completion, course certificates

· free post course learning resources- newsletters


You provide:

· The venue (arrangement & payment)

· Equipment (Digital projector and flipchart)

Maximum number of 16 participants.  


In-house Course Cancellation-   If we cancel the course, then a full refund will be paid(excluding other costs, such as travel).  No refund will be payable if you cancel the course within one month of the commencement date.  We will try to set a mutually convenient new date for the training and additional costs for travel/  accomodation,  if pre booked,  may be chargeable.